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National Association of Canine Scent Work

The K9 Nose Work Philosophy & Core Values


Our philosophy is to always put the dog first. It is why we developed K9 Nose Work. To practice K9 Nose Work is to commit to supporting your dog, listening to your dog, and trusting your dog, and to always keep it fun. 

We believe that dogs are at their happiest when we allow them to learn on their terms, using their natural abilities, especially their amazing sense of smell. 

We believe that the human-canine bond deepens when people experience obedience-free communication with their dogs.

The K9 Nose Work philosophy is to embrace the journey and enjoy every moment of learning for you and your dog.

Core Values

Our core values help shape the culture of K9 Nose Work, and influence every K9 Nose Work class, workshop, and event.

Core Values:   

  • Safety – for the physical and mental health & well-being of all dogs
  • Diversity – accepting dogs of all ages, temperaments, and physical fitness
  • Commitment – to the principles of positive, reward-based training
  • Trust – in the amazing ability of dogs to teach us how to better understand them



"The only obedience
in K9 Nose Work
is Odor Obedience."


-Ron Gaunt,
K9 Nose Work